Sell ePaper and print subscriptions online!

With just a few clicks you can create your own subscription shop. Uncomplicated, inexpensive and optimized for all devices.
We take care of payment processing and administration for you. Simple and easy – both for you and your readers.

Your Advantages

No effort

Simple setup and no-touch workflow – with fully automated production, sales and payment processing

Low costs

Avoid expensive agency services and unnecessary coding effort! Smarticle is the most affordable way to your own subscription shop

Higher revenue

Sell digital and print subscriptions!
Boost your sales with our optional Marketing Landing Page


easy setup

Easy Setup &
No Touch Workflow

Set up an ePaper subscription shop quickly and easily – incl. production automation via FTP import

Everywhere beautiful!

Clear, modern design and the most beautiful reading mode on the market – optimally readable on all devices thanks to HTML5

epaper abo shop Kundendaten

Administration via LaterPay

Complete outsourcing of subscription and payment management – incl. access to customer data

html shop abo subscription

Sell everywhere

Increase revenue through additional individual sales and new subscribers – by integrating your ePaper subscription shop on your website

epaper abo-zugang online web shop

Access for existing subscribers

Offer existing (print) subscribers ePaper access – by subscription activation via code (optional)

epaper abo shop support

Reader support

Readers and subscribers are not left out in the rain in case of problems – our reader support is only one click away.

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With Smarticle we offer direct access to the ePaper on our website and can easily sell subscriptions. At the same time, we retain existing subscribers by giving them free state-of-the-art online access.

Lothar Wagner, CEO Schwengeler Verlag


Magazines from Germany, Austria and Switzerland already participate and use our ePaper AboShop. Join in and be part of it!

Chip Communications

Dt. Landwirtschaftsverlag

Schwengeler Verlag

Verlagshaus der Ärzte

Ringier Axel Springer

Ringier Axel Springer

Ringier Axel Springer

Ringier Axel Springer

Münchner Kultur GmbH

Neue Mediengesellschaft Zürich

ePaper Basic

€ 99 / Issue

20 % Revenue Share / Subscription Shop
graded prices on request "

Set links and jump marks

Automatic distribution on digital channels (PDF-based) such as Readly, iKiosk, Google News, ShareMagazines, etc.

Licence Info
Combine with

ePaper XML

€ 149 / Issue

20 % Revenue Share / Subscription Shop
graded prices on request "

Full Service PDF to XML conversion

Modern reading mode
(optimally formatted incl. pictures)

Additional distribution on all digital channels (PDF & XML) such as PresseMonitor PMG, WordPress, LexisNexis, GBI Genios and others.

All functions of ePaper Basic incl.

Licence Info
Combine with

ePaper Media

€ 290 / Issue

20 % Revenue Share / Subscription Shop
graded prices on request "

Add photo galleries and videos

All functions of ePaper Basic and ePaper XML incl.

Licence Info
Combine with


What are the costs?

To offer an ePaper you need one of our licenses per issue. For the use of LaterPay (purchase processing, invoicing, subscription management etc.) we charge a revenue share of 20% of the sales price.

Can my readers download the ePaper?

Since today everyone is permanently online, a download is practically no longer necessary. We therefore rely entirely on our more beautiful ePaper Viewer and do not offer PDF downloads.

How does LaterPay work?

When buying one of your ePapers, the user creates a free LaterPay account and can start reading immediately. Only after reaching a total of €5 the account will be debited. Subscription sales are debited immediately. The registration with LaterPay is fast and simple, the customer data is safe.

Do I have to use LaterPay for billing?

You’re completely free. We can also dock to your existing shop system. Just talk to us in the chat and we will get back to you.